Weather and Historic Climate Charts: Italy

Climate Is Key for Travel Planning

Climate is the average course of weather conditions for a particular location over time. It's what you're looking for when you want to find the typical weather conditions during your vacation time. On Wandering Italy, we offer historic climate charts for the most popular destinations that make it clear what you might expect the weather to be in any given month.

The cities in the map below are the major tourism areas of Italy. For each location, you can click or tap on the city or region name and get taken to charts depicting the average high and low temperatures for each month, and the average rainfall for each month throughout the year. You will also get "when to go" tips and travel information for each Italian city.

italy weather map Alghero weather and climate Oristano weather and climate Cagliari Sardinia weather and climate Palermo Sicily weather and climate Lecce Puglia weather and climate Naples and Amalfi Coast weather and climate Rome Climate and Weather Siena weather and climate Florence weather and climate Pisa climate and weather Venice weather and climate Verona weather and climate Lake Como climate and weather Genoa and the Cinque Terre Weather and Climate Alba Weather and Climate Foggia Weather and Climate Fano weather and climate

The tourist hot spots on the map are crowded in summer. Italy is a popular tourist destination. I like to travel in the fall. Late September to Early November is the best time for me--the best light for photography and the best food. Truffles fairs start in November for the superior winter white truffle, and the harvest and wine fairs are also going great guns in the fall.

Flower lovers (especially if you like Europe's red poppies) will be better off choosing a spring vacation. The middle of April through June is fine for the north of Italy. By June, the south is starting to get hot, if that's your thing.

The coastal areas of Italy exhibit the typical Mediterranean climate, which means dry (but often humid) summers and mild winters.

Inland you'll find cooler and wetter weather, especially in the off season.

The western side of Italy gets more rain than the eastern coast.

The south of the country, including the "big" islands of Sicily and Sardinia, can get very hot indeed. I've experienced summer temperatures in the 50 degree C range in central Sardinia.

Hours of Sunlight

One of the secondary considerations of tourists visiting Italy in the off season is the number of hours of sunlight there will be. The point of tourism is, after all, to see things. Euroweather has a nice calculator to determine just how many hours of sunlight you'll see in a particular city on a particular day:

Sun and Moon Ephemerides

European Weather

European Travel Weather has climate information for mech of western Europe.

Weather and Climate Information for Italian Cities

Alba Como Genoa & Cinque Terre Fano Florence Foggia Lecce Naples & Amalfi Coast Pisa Rome Venice Verona Viterbo


Alghero Cagliari Oristano



Planning a Trip?

Here are some travel planning tools that are especially useful if you're planning your first or second trip to Italy.