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Manta Castle: A Painted Gem in Piemonte
How was life in the 1400s? Find out here!

manta castle fresco

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March in Italy

  • March is a crossover month in Italy. The weather is just starting to warm, but the wildflowers haven't bloomed unless you're in the south, say Puglia or Sicily.
  • This may be the time you'd enjoy the pleasures of a big city like Rome, where you can duck into a museum when the weather turns bad. You can also celebrate the ides of March in the Eternal City. The historic center of Bologna, in the up and coming Emilia Romagna region, offfers arcades that allow you to get almost everywhere out of the rain.
  • Weather is always a concern this time of year. See our Italy Weather and Climate Charts to see current and average weather for March in many tourist cities and towns.

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