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Villa Oliva: A Tuscan Villa to Visit
Historic Villas offer a Glimpse of Renaissance County Architecture Surrounding Lucca

villa oliva and dog

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May in Italy

  • May first is a big holiday: May Day, International Workers Day. The start of May is also the time for the Festival of Sant'Efisio, a colorful festival in which a statue of Sant'Efisio in his golden carriage is pulled by specially bred oxen to the ancient Roman site of Nora followed by Sardinians in traditional costume and decorated ox carts. It's Cagliari's largest festival and one of the longest processions in Italy.
  • With warmer global temperatures, May is now looking like the prime season for folks who like warm but not sweltering vacations. In Central Italy's Abruzzo region, the average high temperature is 75 degrees F in Sulmona in May, and the the cherries are in blossom! It's high season for me an my camera.
  • May is time for the Giro d'Italia bike race. It's fun to watch and see how fast the pros go on those hills.

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