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What's the weather like in Alghero? The seaside town is blessed with a fine climate that doesn't get too hot in summer, and is mild even in winter. 

Alghero is found on the northwest side of the island of Sardinia on the sea. Alghero was built around a fortified port, and is a popular tourist resort. One of the big reasons in the climate. From the charts below, you can see the mild weather you'll find in Alghero; even winters aren't at all harsh. But it's about May when things begin to look mighty fine in the climate department. Summer temperatures are perfect for swimming and the evenings are wonderful for eating outside. The heat begins to subside in September and October and for me, that's the best time to go to Alghero.

Alghero Historic Temperatures and Precipitation

Alghero, Sardinia Monthly Average Temperatures

Alghero, Italy Temperatures: Fahrenheit

Alghero Precipitation

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Current Weather Conditions in Alghero

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Best time to go to Alghero

As you can see from the historic temperature charts, Alghero has pleasant high temperatures pretty much all year around, although July and August can get quite warm. The precipitation chart shows the typical Mediterranean climate, with little rain in the summer and a winter rainy season which reaches a peak in November.

Beaches will be open from mid June to med September, but get really busy on Ferragosta, the middle of August.

Alghero Travel Tips

Alghero's old town is walled right up to the sea, but there are many interesting beaches around, especially around Stintino. The Grotta di Nettuno is found on the peninsula of Capo Caccia. It's a favorite place to visit; boat trips from Alghero's port depart to the grotto at regular intervals in summer, and less frequently in spring and fall. There is an hourly tour of the marine caves.

The area around Alghero is rich in evidence of the island's prehistoric culture. Nuraghe di Palmavera is the best preserved nuraghic complex in the region and the older Anghelu Ruju is a necropolis consisting of around forty burial chambers.

North of Alghero Marina is the sandy beach of Alghero, a short stroll from the historic center.

Alghero has a strong Catalan character owing to the seizing of the town by Pedro IV of Aragon in the 14th century and the Spanish colonization that followed. Catalan is heard in the streets--and if you speak Spanish there's a good chance a local will understand you.

Alghero and Sardinia Maps & Travel Guides

Our guide to this seaside city has maps and photos: Alghero Guide.

Since Alghero is a coastal city, you might be interested in two of the best beaches to stretch out upon, Le Bombarde Beach and Stintino beach, both north of the city. These beaches share tourist interest with the many historic attractions in the area recalled in Alghero Sardinia Day Trips.

One of the best trips in Sardinia is an Itinerary that takes you from Alghero to Bosa and beyond down Sardinia's west coast.

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Sardinia Introduction Video

If you've never been to Sardinia, you may wish to see a short video of the attraction of this unique island. 

Sardinia Introduction Video

Where to Stay in Alghero

We had a very nice stay at the highly rated Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa which is right on the sea in Alghero on a quiet little peninsula that's just a very short walk to where the action is. Highly recommended.

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