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Travel Planning

It may seem daunting, but we have tools to make your travel planning as smooth as an old Barolo. A timeline tells you what to do when, Cost gives you tools to determine the current prices of lodging, fuel, airline tickets, and food. And don't plan too much or you'll miss the unplanned pleasures of Italy.

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Use the drop down list on the right in the toolbar to see maps and travel guides to each region of Italy we cover. Our hand drawn maps clear the clutter to let you focus on the best destinations in Italy. Interactive maps like our distance map let you calculate how far apart the things you just have to see are.

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Where to Stay

Italy offers a variety of options for spending a day or a week or more. Some prefer hotels for the level of service. Others like a vacation rental to test what it's like to live like an Italian or to accommodate family and friends. You might also like a farm stay in an agriturismo.

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Pinterest and Italy Travel Favorites

Are you a more visually oriented traveler? You might wish to pick your destinations from our recent Pinterest Pins.

Where were our favorite destinations visited in 2019 in our five months in Italy? Find out here.

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Here we present little-known bits of Italy to explore, not "how to spend a week in Rome". You can discover the valley that forms Italy's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, for example, the Valcamonica, with Italy's largest collection of rock engravings--or you can discover the treasures along a Roman road in Puglia.

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The Blog: Italian Culture

If you're the curious type you'd want to know about Italian culture and history and how it differs from yours before you take that Italian vacation. Along the way you might wonder how art and cucina povera go together, or what glorious festivals Sardinia offers, or how Padua brought medicine into the modern age.

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Destinations for 2019

I've spent 40 years wandering Italy and I still can't tell you the "best" place to go, there are way too many. And you already know the overly-popular places, so we'll give 'em a rest. How about trying the interior of Sardinia? Like Sardinia, Campania has great food and the people live a great long time in the region!

5 Places to Go in 2019 Sardinia Campania

Experiential Travel

There are things you can do in Italy that you might never imagine you can do. Ever think about getting your donkey driving license? Did you know you can ride old rail tunnels along the Italian Riviera coast? Are you aware of the Cultural Anthropology of gleaming white Italian tablecloths?

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Cucina Italiana

Everyone's heard of "Italian food" but in reality it's all a regional and local cuisine. We've never tired of the many variations. Did you know the food you're offered can get better if you order the local grub and interact with the waiter? Have you ever tasted REAL artisan olive oil? The taste may floor you.

Italian Food How to Get Great Food

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