Cagliari, Sardinia Climate and Weather

Historic Charts for Travel Planning

When is the best time to go to Cagliari, Sardinia? Check the month by month climate charts below for the answer that best fits your dream vacation in the island they call Ichnusa.

Cagliari, in the south, is the capital of Sardinia and its largest city. All around are beaches and fascinating archaeological sites. The calendar of festivals spreads over the year as temperatures are moderate, even in early spring and late fall.

Cagliari, Sardinia Monthly Average Temperatures

Cagliari, Italy Temperatures: Fahrenheit

Cagliari Rainfall

Historic Rainfall for Cagliari

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Current Weather Conditions in Cagliari, Sardinia

As you can see from the historic temperature charts, Cagliari has pleasant high temperatures pretty much all year around, although July and August can get quite warm. The precipitation chart shows the typical Mediterranean climate, with little rain in the summer and a winter rainy season.

The temperate climate means that spring carnival festivals are held in generally good weather.

Cagliari Travel Tips

Cagliari, having both an airport and a ferry port, makes it an ideal starting point for visiting Sardinia.

Calgiari hosts a major museum of the archaeological finds from the island. The indigenous culture that built the unique nuraghi that dot the island make for a very interesting study in isolated cultures and the material artifacts they've produced.

The Fish Market in Cagliari is one of my favorite sites to visit, and possibly the single best reason to rent an apartment for seafood lovers. It rivals many municipal aquariums in the variety of things you'll see that are fresh out of the Mediterranean. See our Cagliari Fish Market video.

You can see a concert in Cagliari's second century Roman amphitheater during the summer tourist season.

See a map of Sardinia for other cities and attractions near Cagliari. To see some of the attractions Sardinia has for the tourist, see our short introduction video.

On May 1, don't miss the Festival of Sant'Efisio, a colorful festival in which a statue of Sant'Efisio in his golden carriage is pulled by specially bred oxen to the ancient Roman site of Nora followed by Sardinians in traditional costume and decorated ox carts. It's Cagliari's largest festival and one of the longest processions in Italy.

For a guide to the city, see Martha's Italy: Cagliari Travel Guide.

Where to Stay in Cagliari

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Cagliari Guide Recommendation

Based in Cagliari, but willing to travel with you over the entire island of Sardinia, Paola Loi is our recommended guide, She can take you from the saffron fields to the lace makers, from the Romanesque churches to the fantastic festivals that you'll have to see to believe, including a sacred horse race called l'Ardia that makes the Palio di Siena look like child's play.

See her site Sardinia-Tours for more information. The interior of Sardinia is one of the great off the beaten track destinations in Italy.

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