Fano, Italy Climate and Weather

Historic Charts for Travel Planning in the Le Marche Region

Fano is a coastal town on in the Marche province of Pesaro and Urbino, the third largest city in the Marche region. It is an ancient town worth visiting, having begun life as Fanum Fortunae after the temple dedicated to Fortuna found there.

The wettest weather in Fano occurs in the fall and early winter, between September and December, as you can see on the charts below. The rainfall averages just under 20 inches per year. July and August are the hottest months, with average high temperatures hovering around 84 and very little rainfall is to be expected.

Historic Average Temperatures in Fano

fano temperature chart

Historic Precipitation in Inches

fano precipitation chart

Best time to go to Fano

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Fano is a popular beach resort, so it will be packed in the summer, especially in August. For comfort, May and September are quite nice, though you'll have to expect a little rain during September.

Fano Tourism

The province of Pesaro and Urbino is an interesting one to visit. Urbino is one of the gems of the Marche.

The nice thing about Fano is that while it is indeed a beach resort, there is more than enough to keep you busy if lying around all day on the beach doesn't strike your fancy.. The Arch of Augustus was the main gate to town, built by Emperor Augustus on the settlement that had grown up around the temple of Fanum Fortunae. Two thirds of the Augustan walls are still standing.

Go beneath the Church and Monastery of St. Augustine to see more ancient history. Then visit the Civic Museum, which houses the archaeological finds from Fano and the surrounding area. The museum is housed in the Palazzo Malatestiano.

The Fascists destroyed the Nuti Bastion (named after the architect) to create a monumental entrance to Fano, and now the area is a public garden.

The Civic Art Gallery is found in the northeast wing of the Malatesta Palace. It houses works from the 14th to 20th centuries.

Festival Dates

Fano dei Cesari, Fano of the Ceasars, is held in July. Fano Jazz by the Sea is also held at the end of July. There's a big carnevale in early spring. See Fanoeventi for more (In Italian)

Where to Stay

Compare prices on Hotels in Fano. The air conditioned Relais Villa Giulia Fano is a highly rated hotel north of town and near the sea if you don't want the city experience.

Right on the beach is the highly-rated Hotel Casadei with restaurant.

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