Cinque Terre Weather and Climate

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What's the weather like in the Cinque Terre? What's the historic climate like? See the description and weather charts below.

The Apennine mountains provide relief from Italy's north winds, turning the climate of the Liguria coast to the mild side. When the north winds do blow in Summer, they tend to clear the humidity from the air, and wanderers of the Cinque Terre will be treated to great views, sometimes all the way to Corsica. July and August provide the highest temperatures in the Cinque Terre.

Visitors to the Cinque Terre should expect frequent rains of short duration in the Spring and Fall, especially in October. The dryness of the summer months concentrates the flavor of the grapes that grow in the terraced hillsides that hikers traverse between the five villages. Cinque terre high and low monthly temperaturescinque terre precipitation

Current Weather Conditions in the Cinque Terre


The Italian Riviera and the Cinque Terre: Best Time to Visit

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Summers are hot and the trails are clogged with tourists. While there are frequent rain storms in spring and fall, the views and the relaxed nature of hiking make a better experience. That said, heavy rains can wipe out sections of trail, a common occurrence these days.. Day trippers should make sure they know the weather in advance. I've had perfect hiking weather in November, while the olives were just being readied for the harvest, and the day was beautiful.

That said, September in the Fall would be my pick for the best time to go, followed by April or May.

If you are taking a day trip coming from the south, you'll change trains in La Spezia. Be sure to check the current weather above; the disadvantage to a Cinque Terre trip in the off season is the possibility of rain, which makes the trails a bit slippery.

To see a map of the hiking trails of the Cinque Terre, see our Cinque Terre Hiking Trails Map.

Cinque Terre Lodging

During the season, the top hotels are packed. You should reserve a place as soon as you know the dates you're visiting the Cinque Terre.

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