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Unexpected Pleasures

Suprises in Italy's Streets

You often don't plan for the things you see as you wander Italy. From street markets to medieval festivals to grain storage below medieval streets--Don't plan too much into your day that you miss them.

Look for the Sagra Signs! If you're a foodie, or are just searching for the small town food experience, go to a Sagra, a relatively modern concept of a food festival that celebrates a locally produced food. It may be something as humble as  local type of onion, or something more complex, like a stew. Often there are also local crafts on display and sometimes music. Even if you don't read Italian, the signs you see tacked to boards and poles along the streat are easily decoded, as we explain in our article: Sagra Posters: How to Read Them 

sagra poster

And Finally...Shopping!

italian hat detail

So you are out exploring a little town and all around you are signs of Italian style. The hat you see to the left is made of recycled stuff nobody wanted. Governments, you see, are entirely unfit to make our earth better, so we need to  rely on folks like the talented Sandi, who runs a shop called "Sartorial" in Brisighella. You can buy things you didn't imagine in Italy, like artisan leaded crystal, the kind of glass that sings when you clink a pair of wine glasses together. Don't buy the Chinese stuff, the owner told us, it's nasty. So save time for shopping on your Italian vacation. There's some very fine hand-made stuff available.

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