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Romantic Destinations in Italy 

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day edition of our humble newsletter. Today we celebrate San Valentino, a day recounting the saint of courtly love and patron saint of epilepsy. Love makes you crazy, the act makes you thrash around oddly. It all makes sense, sort of…

In any case, Martha is the star of this newsletter as she points to her favorite places with the Romantic edge where you’ll float on water in a slow moving vessel propelled by ancient genius or look out upon villages seeming to tumble into the wine-dark sea. Check them out:

Romantic Places in Italy

Carnevale has always had a certain sexiness to it. Those masks aren’t just for show, they’re more about what they obscure. Anonymity, like a bit of wine, gives great encouragement to the lovelorn.

5 Top Carnevale Festivals

And we can’t forget Venice. Anywhere you can get lost in the February fog shrouding a watery maze has got to be romantic, no?

5 Venice Day Trips

As for me, a fresh water sorta guy, I pick a lake and a particular destination, Bellagio.

Bellagio Romantico

romantic sunset
Sunset over the water, Lake Como

I also nominate food as one of the romantic intensifiers. I’d head on over to Piemonte and the House of Truffles to have a romantic dinner and then, on the morning after, re-fortify myself with:

Breakfast of Champions

More foodie suggestions? Check out the Pinterest page on Real Italian Food I’m feverishly working on.

Real Italian Food

May Saint Valentine be kind to you this year. Have a great time planning your travel or celebrating vicariously through Martha’s Italy and Wandering Italy.

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