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Where to go in 2021 | Grappa 

bassano del grappa
Bassano del grappa and the Brenta River

I was advised to put a big ol’ picture at the top of my newsletter by Courtney Traub, owner and editor of Paris Unlocked. I hope it makes you think of the Brenta river and the Palladian Villas along the stretch of it between Padua and Venice as well as the throat-tingling grappa made in the shadows of Monte Grappa in the historic center of the beautiful town of Bassano del Grappa (pictured) in the Veneto region. Imagine learning about Grappa through copious tastings, and then meandering down the Brenta river to Venice. A perfectly relaxing itinerary? It got me to thinking, so I wrote it all up.

A Veneto Grappa Itinerary

When Can We Go to Italy?

It seems like every day we’re seeing more and more evidence of Europe getting ready to open to visitors. Italy is preparing to open soon to tourists possessing a Green Pass.

That said, Martha has some ideas for where we should go in 2011:

A Veneto Grappa Itinerary

As for me, I’d get above it all. I’d head for the top of the Duomo of Milan or get High Above Rapallo.

In the meantime, you can visit Venice virtually May 17-21 with more than 70 live events on Facebook Live, the Live in Venice web site, and Vimeo from 11AM to 8PM Italian time. Meet fashion designers, artisans, gallery owners, performers and local business owners. See all the events on Live in Venice 2021.

Live in Venice

And that’s a wrap for this edition of the newsletter. Take care. As my mom used to say to me when I was a kid with a belly ache, “think good thoughts.”

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