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Favorite Trips of 2019 Newsletter 

We had a blast in these places!

Towards the end of the year, Martha and I realized that we’d had some fine adventures in 2019 that seemed quite unique. So, like two-headed Janus, we keep an eye on the past and look forward to planning great trips for for the future with “perfect” 2020 vision.

So I zeroed in on my favorite discoveries, from a fantastic brew pub in the heart of Italy’s finest wine region to the year’s best museum and castle. You can read it here:

Best Destination Discoveries of 2019

Martha’s list is more comprehensive, including such events as the press viewing of Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper in Florence and some snippets from our adventure in Sardinia.

Top Travel Picks

There were many of those little “wow” moments in 2019, as shown in this picture in a family cantina, where a truffle hunter explains that the full vat he’s leaning on provides a single family with olive oil for the year (remember that Italians live several years longer than Americans…)

black truffle lodge cantina
Olive Oil Vat with enough oil for a family for a year

Did you know that the Roman Guy has morphed into the tour guy and offers a 5% discount on his tours using this link? (Disclosure: we also get a small fee to keep the site and newsletter afloat.)

Tools for Planning Travel in 2020

Moving on to the future, we offer you tools to start planning your vacation adventure. Few people know the size of Italy, so we have a map to show you. Italy is very small for a country with so very much to see—but that makes travel distances manageable.

How Big is Italy?

Then you may wish to find out where the trains go. We’ve got that covered, too.

Italy Rail Map

We have maps for a great many fine destinations as well:

Italy Travel Maps

We’ve also made a planning timeline for what to do when when planning an Italian vacation. The drop-down navigation at the top right leads to other travel planning basics pages.

Italy Travel Planning Timeline

And just in case you’re looking forward to travel this winter:

Visiting Italy in Winter

Have a great 2020. Visit fantastic places. Be amazed. Tell you friends.

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