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Giving Thanks Newsletter: Grazie Italia! 

Italian things we give thanks for

I have been thinking of all the things I’ve been privileged to do in Italy over the years. I’ve learned how to “drive” a donkey, and even hold a license to do so (not valid anywhere on earth…). I’ve silently (and awesomely) ballooned over Tuscany, like I will balloon after chowing down on the Thanksgiving duck. I’ve learned how to make pasta in the heart of Rome and I’ve watched my Lunigiana neighbor Alcide make us a humble dish of pasta fagioli from all local ingredients. I’ve eve seen a crocodile in a church, dangling ominously from the rafters.

ballooning tuscany
What Tuscany Looks Like From the Wicker Basket of a Balloon.

I give thanks for all these opportunities, and remind you that with the possible exception of the last experience, you can participate in these activities by clicking the links and finding out how to go about it. It’s what we do here.

Speaking of unique things you can do in Italy, here are some great suggestions from Martha on fun stuff in Venice you can do.

And I would add to Martha’s list by giving you a review of some well-make Venetian carnival masks you can buy online. Christmas is coming up you know!

And speaking of the holiday season, Martha offers suggestions on Italian Themed Gifts

Thanks for being a part of the Wandering Italy/Martha’s Italy clan. We hope to see you in Italy sometime.

Since this newsletter was written, we’ve been updating our Pinterest boards, just in case you plan your vacation from images of the places you want to go. And of course, you can click them to see information about the place. Check out these places we’ve been concentrating on:


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