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Travel Tips for 2020 

Timely Destinations in Italy

In our last newsletter we focused on looking back at our best travel experiences of 2019. This time, Martha has some great suggestions for 2020 travel in places planning special events in this coming travel year.

Did you know that Rimini is celebrating 100 years of Fellini? Yes, it’s one of Martha’s top six recommendations for 2020. Check out the rest:

Where to Go in Italy in 2020

Maybe because I’ve just spent some serious time putting together a guide to the northwest corner of Sardinia that I’m thinking it would be good to go there in 2020. It’s easy to grab a flight to Alghero, rent a car and visit some stunning ancient sites and eat food you can’t get on the mainland. You can also grab a ferry and take you car with you.

Alghero Day Trips

Did you know that there’s a Ziggurat in that corner of Sardinia? Monte d’Accoddi. How did that get there?

Monte d'Accoddi
Monte d'Accoddi

Perhaps 2020 is a good time to take an extended vacation including Italy. Lease a brand new car, rent a cool vacation house or two, and see how Italy fits into your dreams.

Thanks for reading. Have a great time planning your 2020 travel.

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