Manduria Archaeological Museum
Find Out All About the Messapians in the Land of Primitivo di Manduria

Sure, you can get lost in bigger museums, but come to Puglia and find out about the founding cultures in little, friendly museums like the one in the video.

You don't have to go to Rome to get your fix of ancient artifacts. The Messapians of ancient Puglia are well represented in the intimate Museum of Archaeology in Manduria. Manduria also has an ancient well and Messapian walls. The population of Manduria has stayed steady since antiquity--yes, thousands of years before the Romans. See some of the representative art and some new finds from a child's tomb recently excavated in Manduria, narrated by glass artist Francesco Selvaggi.

In Manduria, you can tour the Archaeological Park of the Messapic Walls which surround the old town.

Manduria is home to the famous Primitivo di Manduria DOC red wine. You can go to the Museum of Primitivo Wine Culture to not only check out the traditional methods of producing the wine, but you can taste and purchase bottled wines and vino sfuso, wine from pumps like gas pumps for your car, which you use to fill your own bottles or containers you can buy at the museum. (See our video about Vino Sfuso).

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