Late April Wildflowers in Puglia
Need an excuse to come to Puglia?

It was an extraordinarily wet spring in Puglia, and suddenly I found myself standing waist-deep in a field of Puglia wildflowers.

puglia wildflower picture
Your Author Shooting Wildflowers in the Salento of Puglia
beach wildflowers picture
A Beach Full of Wildflowers in April

They’re not just in the fields, they’ve conquered the beachheads as well.

puglia vineyard picture
Puglia Vineyard Under Water

The vineyards are flooded, although beautifully. This is just off the road. We stopped the car, I got out and was mesmerized by the scene. Cars honked because the car couldn’t be pulled off the road entirely, but heck, worth it.

puglia wildflowers picture
Puglia: Field of Wildflowers and Threatening Sky

Those red European poppies really make a picture snap. When the leaves are young, they are eaten in salads.

puglia wildflowers
Puglia Wildflowers and Poppies, Manduria, Puglia

Why come to Puglia in late April or early May? Need I say more? Perhaps you need a Puglia Map and Guide

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