How to Spend a Morning in Lucca
Wandering the Baroque Walled City Efficiently

Lucca is one of our favored destinations in northern Tuscany. Its intact wall has kept shoddy industrial construction out of the medieval center--and you can walk and bike on top of it.

This video shows the things you can do on a sunny morning: Climbing an ancient tower to get the layout of medieval Lucca, then getting a special coffee drink from the evocative cafe, then having lunch at a great restaurant serving traditional food. And the restaurant is just down the street from Lucca's botanical gardens, if you fancy a stroll through some exotic plants.

If you want to follow this itinerary, there's a map of it available on our site.

Video: Lucca in a Morning

Another interesting time to visit Lucca is at the time of the Luminaria di Santa Croce di Lucca (Video), held on September 13th, when the entire city is lit by candelight at night.

Plan a Trip: Lucca Resources

Lucca Map (highlighting the attractions in this video and offering suggestions on lodging in Lucca)

Lucca Walking Tour Map

Where to Stay in Lucca

Hotel Ilaria & Residenza dell'Alba, Lucca, Italy is a highly rated four star hotel with free wi-fi and air conditioned rooms.

If you're arriving in Lucca on the train, we like the Hotel Rex. Just outside the train station and a short walk across a lawn to enter through the Baroque walls of the city.

Budget travelers will appreciate the location (and price) of the Ostello San Frediano

Near Lucca

Spas: Bagni di Lucca

Montecarlo Wine Country

Lucca Historic Villas - which can and should be visited if you have a car.

lucca at night picture
Lucca is also pretty at night!

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