Museo Ettore Guatelli
Video: A Forest of Ideas in Emilia Romagna near Parma

Ettore Guatelli's Museum, now run by a private foundation, is located in the Emilia Romagna province of Parma, not far from the Taro River in Ozzano Taro, between Foronovo de Taro and Collecchio.

Guatelli was born and died in the house and farm complex that now houses the museum which one would be tempted to call an ethnographic museum. But Ettore didn't want it that way. It's a forest of ideas, a forest of life. See the video to find out more.

The museum is also a teaching mechanism. After kids have viewed the artifacts, they can have an hour to make toys from just a few simple objects.

museum artifacts

The assemblage of clever tools is amazing. I trust you won't find anything like this anywhere. You'll have to take a guided tour, but tour guides speak English and French as well as Italian. If you can deal with Italian, we recommend Nelson, the guide you see in the video, as he actually made some of these objects, like the wire car, and can answer just about any question you might have.

The web site of the Museo Ettore Guatelli (in Italian) gives you the opening hours, which are quite limited, and a map. Currently a ticket will cost 5 €, a bargain, and the museum in July and August is only open Sundays and Holidays.

What to Do Near the Museo Ettore Guatelli

Just up the road, in the direction toward Collecchio, is the Corte di Giarola, which holds the Museo di Pomodoro, the Museum of the Tomato (and its economic impact on the territory). On the grounds is a garden with fruit trees that have gone out of fashion and and are in danger of extinction. The museum is keeping these "Antique Fruits" to maintain the genetic diversity, an important element in survival in the event of climate change.

Just behind the Corte di Giarola complex is a series of walking trails along the Taro watershed. There are many restaurants in the area, including a good one in the Corte di Giarola, although you migth like to take a short walk and have a picnic. The Felino Salami Museum is nearby, so I'd take some along. For more and a map, see our Parma Day Trip itinerary.

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