Bella Baita: In Their Own Words
Piemontese Culture. Traditional food. Sustainable Tourism.

Marla and Fabrizio tell us what their bed and breakfast in the Olympic Valley, Val Chisone, is all about. Take a cooking class there and you'll be amazed at the local ingredients and traditional methods. You can hike from the doorstep, or rent mountain bikes. Have a look at the video.

Bella Baita is located in the Val Chisone, the valley used in the 2006 Torino Olympics. Despite its remote location in a small village in the alps, there is high speed internet, thanks to the Olympics.

The alpine mountain stages of the Giro d'Italia (and in 2011 the Tour di France) draw many bike racing aficionados to Bella Baita.

You can take a cooking class customized to your foodie desires. And don't get me started on Breakfast! Marla, a pastry chef, can fill the breakfast table with things you can't stop eating.

Other Activities: Trekking, mountain biking (Bella Baita rents mountain bikes, as you can see in the video) and discovering the mountain forts (Border forts like Fenestrelle Fortress) and castles (like Monta Castle) in the area.

Web Site: Bella Baita

Location page: Map and Visiting Instructions

Val Chisone Map showing the location of Bella Baita

View of the Val Chisone

val chisone

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