Charles Ponzi's Birthplace Map: Lugo, Italy
Father of the Scheme Used in Modern Economics

As a public service, we present a map for those interested in making a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the man I'm gonna be first to call the "Father of Modern Economics". The least we can do is pay our respects to the man who gave his good name to the idea of leveraging nothing into wealth and only calling it a swindle if the founder is caught at it.

Yes, Charles Ponzi was born Carlo Ponzi in Lugo on March 3, 1882. He moved to the US in 1903 and leveraged his way to fame by participating in the first publicized Ponzi Scheme. Below is our annotated map of Lugo and the things to see.

Where is Lugo, Italy?

Lugo is located north of the A14 Autostrada between Imola and Faenza in the Ravenna province of the Emilia Romagna. Lugo is accessible by train, the station is marked on the map of Lugo above.

Ponzi's Lugo

What's odd about Ponzi's life is that he spent his years "catching sense" in Parma, not so far from Lugo; most schemers come from the south. He did attend the University of Rome, hanging around with the wealthier students while scheming to get cash to keep up with them.


What's to see in Lugo? Mainly there's the Rocca Estense, the Este Castle that was rebuilt in 1500 and has served as the town hall from 1797. There are the usual religious buildings with ancient frescos you can squint at in the dark if this sort of thing suits you.

Hotels in Lugo

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