Lunigiana Restaurants Map
Where to Eat in La Lunigiana, Tuscany

The map below shows restaurants we've enjoyed in the Lunigiana. This is a work in progress, and will be added to as we discover those out of the way restaurants we like to find.

Lunigiana food specialties include Panigacci, a flat bread baked on terra cotta tiles and cooked on an open fire, which you fill at the table with cheese or salumi. The Lunigiana also has a fine "antipasti" tradition. You don't just order an antipasto or two, you order "antipasti" and it starts coming and seems to never stop. Just like Puglia. See: Antipasti - A Primer of Sorts.

Click on the markers to find out more about the restaurants on this map.

Favorite Lunigiana Restaurants

Ristorante Venelia (review)
viale della resistenza 54016
Licciana Nardi (Monti)

Ristorante Alla Piazza di Sopra (See: Eye Candy | Not Eye Candy)
PIAZZA Immacolata 11 - Filetto - 54028 Villafranca in Lunigiana (ms) -
Tel. 0187 493796 - Cel. 349 8783364

Trattoria Bernardi (review)
A good, old-fashioned trattoria perfect for inexpensive and interesting lunch.

Albergo-Ristaurante Gerla d'Oro
A very good and inexpensive restaurant just outside the book town of Montereggio

Albergo Ristorante Pasquino (See: Sunday at Ristorante Pasquino)
Piazza mazzini giuseppe 22
54011 - Aulla (MS) Italia
Tel. 0187.420509

Spino Fiorito
Via per Vedriano, 7
54014 Casola in Lunigiana (MS)
Tel. 0585 949.167
Book a Room at Spino Fiorito

Locanda Gavarini
Località Mocrone,
54028 Villafranca L. (MS)
tel. 0187495504
Closed Wednesday
Contact Page

Is Sicomoro Ristorante
(our review - Il Sicomoro Ristorante - Sunday Lunch in the Lunigiana)
Località Cormezzano (Zona Piscine)
Fivizzano (Ms)
Tel. 0585.99442 - 0585.938835

Albergo Ristorante Da Remo
Via Cesare Battisti, 57 54025 Monzone (MS)- Lunigiana - Toscana - Italia
Tel. 0585.97933 - Fax 0585.971128

Ristorante al Vecchio Tino
Loc. Germalla,1
Monte dei Bianchi
54013 Fivizzano (MS)
Tel. Fax 0585 97733

Hotel Ristorante El Caracol (book a room)
via pineta 3, 54026 Mulazzo, Italy
Just in case you need some Spanish food with your Lunigiana specialties.

Vecchia Bruxelles (review)
Piano di Bibola, 2 – S.S del Cerreto, 54011 Aulla
No Belgian cuisine, but good, solid local cooking and a great setting, especially for eating outside in good weather.

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