Sunday at Ristorante Pasquino

It’s fun to share a tradition in Italy. Ours is going to the “big” city of Aulla for Panigacci. This time a visitor to Casa Gabriella allowed me to try the Tagliata (minimum two persons must order it) – a T-bone cooked over charcoal to a very rare state, then sliced and set upon a thick terracotta bowl that has been heating for a long time right in the firebox to finish cooking it. On top they pile radicchio, rucola, and green onions. It’s a meat-eaters dream — 28 Euros for two.

Below is the fireplace at Pasquino’s. You’ll want to sit near the fire in the winter with your glass of red wine at the ready. Life seldom gets much better than this.

pasquino ristorante aulla italy
Manning the fire at Pasquino Ristorante in Aulla, Italy.

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