Fivizzano Sapori

fivizzano sapori flag throwing pictureIf you missed the Sapori festival in Fivizzano this weekend, you missed a great festival. Good enough to make Fivizzano the capitale della Festa dei Piccoli Comuni.

It was a chance to buy wine made just up the trail from us along with cheese of the region, to chow down on our justly famous Zeri lamb with friends Mike and Martha of A Path to Lunch, and to taste “coffee” made of toasted grain.

On Sunday night the place was hoppin’, flags were being thrown in all the big piazzas, and many were actually caught. Even the little kids participated. Royalty danced in a stately manner and peasants danced with spirit and joy.

We couldn’t miss giving you a minute and a half glimpse of the medieval part of the festival in a video made with my NEX-7, which didn’t do too badly for a still camera that also does video.

All this got us to update our page on Fivizzano, where we’ve also included an old engraving showing the walled city and a picture from the same angle today, so you can compare how Fivizzano has/hasn’t changed over the years: Fivizzano Map and Guide.

Why not take your vacation in this rural paradise in Northern Tuscany? See our Lunigiana Map and Guide.

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