Lunigiana Drone

Dammit, now I want a drone of my own.

Sure, drones are getting a lot of bad press these days. Mostly it’s because the government uses them to kill people—or to spy on people to be killed later.

But put a camera on a little drone with helicopter wings designed for seeing things from a new angle and you have something great. I mean, if you’re sunbathing nude in your backyard with the maid you might not want to see a drone with a camera overhead. I understand that. But if you were a castle and borgo you would be proud to be seen from overhead, I should think.

We have something like 160 castles and castle ruins in our little corner of Tuscany, called La Lunigiana. That’s a lot, a high density we would say. It would be perfect for someone with a drone and a lot of time to fly it.

Here’s what makes me giddy with desire for a drone of my own:

This is just one of our little mountain hill towns with castle. Purty, ain’t she? Wouldn’t you want someone to document each little town like this?

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