Hidden Tuscany: The Lunigiana

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Want to know all the good stuff about rural Northern Italy? Are you ready for a vacation that includes caves, ziplines, pilgrimage and bike trails, over a hundred castles, and great food? I’ve had a house in the historic territory of La Lunigiana for 20 years. It occurred to me that is was about time to create a travel app of the best food, lodging and attractions in the area. So, after working feverishly this fall we’ve done it, the app is packed with info—and when a new discovery is made, more will be added.

Hidden Tuscany: The Lunigiana is available as a travel app from Rexby.

You’ve likely never heard of Rexby. It’s headquartered in Iceland. You know—the place currently under siege by earthquakes causing massive cracks in roads. Travel is seldom without blemish.

In any case, see below for some screenshots and more from the app, as well as the (exceedingly low) cost (and a discount for readers of the Wandering Italy Blog).

Hidden Tuscany: The Lunigiana Travel App

la lunigiana

There are currently 55 things to do on the app, concentrated in a very small territory. Many Italy apps show just a few things in lots of places mostly bit cities. We’ve decided to have a guide that has nearly everything worth doing in this historic territory—yet leaving a little to be discovered.

Since the Lunigiana is a rural area, we’ve included resources for staying in a vacation home or agriturismo. There are our favorite places to get food created by local folks in case you want an easy dinner or snack at home—while still sampling the local cuisine.

Here’s a little screenshot of four entries in the app, a museum where you can learn the history of the place, caves you can visit in a Geo-archeo-adventure park, a restaurant where you can eat very well, and a castle you can stay in—or just gawk at from afar:

lunigiana app screenshot
Lunigiana App secreenshot

The map is embedded below. Click on the unlocked markers to test out the app.

Purchasing the app will unlock the locked all destinations forever. And updates are always free.

Because I want you to experience this part of Tuscany, the price of the app is ridiculously low. and if you use the discount for readers of the Wandering Italy blog, you’ll get 20% off. Use the code wandering-20 for the discount.

Hidden Tuscany: La Lunigiana Travel App

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