Everyone Goes to Florence, Italy

Who cares that Italy is going broke? Who cares that the economy everywhere that isn’t China or Germany is in the toilet? Folks like you and I have been hiding out in Florence hotels at a rate greater than ever before.

12 million hotel rooms in Florence province were filled with tourists and their spawn last year, according to The Florentine. Up over 8% from the year before. The city’s hotels did quite well, too. Over 8 million people slept in them. Or at least paid for them (dearly).

Perhaps tourism can save Italy. Of course, for that, there’d have to be a weak Euro, or better yet, a feeble Lira. Not only that, but every destination would have to be as popular as Florence.

It’s true that you can’t find as much art crammed into as small an area as the city that calls itself “Firenze.” But if you have a car and don’t mind narrow, curving roads there sure is a lot to discover in the rest of Tuscany. For real contrast, you could go up to little Sant Anna di Stazemma and find out about the massacre and what Spike Lee was trying to convey. If that’s too rural and remote, you could visit one of Italy’s most beautiful hill towns, Pitigliano, also spectacular in its setting. Heck, I’d stay a while and walk the Vie Cave, the Etruscan rock sculpted paths.

But enough. Yes, there’s art in Florence. But if you want to know a bit about the world, from the plight of Jews in Pitigliano to the plight of the resistance in Sant Anna, to the world of artisan cheese making, you’ll find it all within the friendly confines of Tuscany.

So spread out. Together we can stimulate the economy of Italy to make sure it lasts for a while without folks being forced to sell off ancient artifacts or pickpocket every last tourist.

But then, if you must go to Florence, we have Florence Weather and Climate Information just a mouse click away.

But you know, this is Italy, and even in Tuscany there are exotic islands awaiting your bags. Heck, you might think of renting a vacation house on Giglio and watching the cruise ships waddle by. Or maybe not. Still:

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