Giro di Sardegna 2011

The Giro di Sardegna (Tour of Sardinia) will take place from the 22nd to the 26th of February. The route was announced today.

5 stages in five days.

  1. Olbia → Porto Cervo
  2. Porto Rotondo → Nuoro
  3. Orani → Lanusei
  4. Lanusei → Oristano
  5. Oristano → Gesturi

The most interesting stage, to me, is the last one. Oristano is where we’ll be for Sartiglia, the medieval games and celebration connected with carnevale, that play out on in Early March. The race finishes in Gesturi, which, along with the basalt plateau that makes up the Giara di Gesturi, is a very interesting place. It’s ringed by Nuraghi, the ancient stone towers, and also by fire lookouts. There are horses on the plateau that some say are descendants of the horses brought by Phoenicians 2500 years ago. They also say they are wild, but don’t you believe it.

The same route also goes past the famed Barumini Nuragic complex, a place you need to visit if you have a chance. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site, but what isn’t these days? In any case it’s a fascinating study in building a city based on circles.

You can follow the race on SteepHill, who offers a very nice picture of the view from Monte Ortobene, the finish of stage 2.

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