Video: Introduction to Sardinia
A Tour of Major Attractions

Sardinia is a fascinating island, especially when you get past the wonderful beaches and head inland. We present our introduction video, with links to further information about the things you see in the video.

Resources for Our Sardinia Tour

Find out more about the things you've seen in our video tour. For general maps showing Sardinia, see the Sardinia Map and Guide. If you're planning on using public transportation, you will find the Sardinia Transportation Map useful. Sardinia has had a recent realignment of its provinces; see a Sardinia Provinces Map.


Alghero Travel Guide

Alghero Weather & Climate

Alghero Day Trips

User Rated Hotels in Alghero


Bosa Travel Guide

Oristano and Vicinity

The Sinis Peninsula & Cabras: Western Sardinia

Tharros: Seaside Phoenician-Roman Port

Oristano Weather and Climate Charts for Travel Planning

Sa Sartiglia Video - Capturing Stars in Sardinia


Cagliari Travel Guide

Cagliari Weather and Climate

User Rated Hotels in Cagliari

Cagliari Fish Market Video

Basilica of San Saturnino

Sant’Efisio Festival


Barbagia Map and Guide

Visiting the Mamoiada Mask Museum

sardinia mask tradition

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