Equi Terme's Living Nativity Scene

Federico Carli, who runs effe ti kappa blog (in Italian) has some beautiful night pictures of Equi Terme’s Living Nativity, Presepe Vivente di Equi Terme.

I had heard about Equi’s reenactment of the nativity, but have never seen it.

Equi Terme is a fascinating and little town in the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany. Below the town’s surface are underground streams and lakes eroding the limestone away, forming caves that people and animals have been exploring forever. This is the land of the Cave Bear, Ursus spelaeus.

Here’s more about what to do in Equi Terme. And be sure to take a look at Federico Carli’s Pictures of the Living Nativity at Equi Terme. And here’s more on Nativity Scenes and Presepi in Italy.

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