Rome Fountains: It's All in the Mask

Rome is known for its fountains—and its drinking water. The fountains I’ve always liked seem always to have theatrical masks in them somewhere.

The picture on is one I took in December in Rome. At night.

If you think about the last time you were in Rome hanging around the Pantheon in the Piazza della Rotonda, perhaps with a can of beer concealed in a paper sack as is all the rage, you might not have associated theatrical masks with this fountain, especially if the beer has begun to course through your veins and the guy with fat lips and the monkey grafted to the back of his empty skull starts to look like a friend from high school…

In any case, click the picture to see it larger.

This particular fountain was built around 1577. The masks in this fountain look like they were inspired by similar ones by Michelangelo, according to, who have some nice articles on The Fountains of Italy and Rome.

My other favorite mask fountain? The Fontana del Mascherone di Via Giulia financed by the Farnese. Odd. Entrancing. And the via Giulia, which takes you direct to the Vatican, is a very interesting street in Rome.

Fontana del Mascherone di Via Giulia
Fontana del Mascherone di Via Giulia

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