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Experience the Golden Age of Rome in this Prati Apartment

Prati is a rione of Rome, north of the Vatican and Castel sant’Angelo. It’s a very nice area and convenient for visiting these two attractions in the Eternal City.

A fine place to stay, close to fine restaurants, is a residence called Vino e Oli, occupying an early 20th century building on Viale delle Milizie 11/a, a tree-lined street with restaurants and shops. From the apartment building, it’s a 15-minute walk to the Vatican.

We spent 4 nights in this apartment—and had a great time. It was quiet and there was an office on the ground floor in case you had a question or problem.

The thing is, each apartment reflects a time when Italy finally emerged from the war. In the 50s into the early 60s, Rome was everyone’s favorite movie location. Fashion flourished as Italy began to apply its style to normally bland industrial offerings. Music filled the bars and recording studios; the Sanremo Music Festival kicked off in 1951. Youth hung out in bars along the Via della Conciliazione, completed in 1951 and linking Vatican City to the Castel sant’Angelo.

There is a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton gazing out over the river Arno in Florence. He wears a black suit, a flash of white shirt; she wears white, her handbag black. She rests it proprietorially on the river wall. They, and the shot, are beautifully composed. The couple could be on set, though they are not. This is Dolce Vita-era Italy, when Hollywood camped out in Rome and Florence, and the paparazzi had no difficulty finding Audrey Hepburn. She was always in a shoe shop. Actors hopped around Italy on a new kind of Grand Tour, less focused on art and architecture, more on the boutiques and ateliers of Gucci, Roberto Cappucci and so on. — The rebirth of Italian fashion

I felt like slapping a Borsalino on my noggin and going out on the town the first night we stayed at Vino e Oli.

Even showering was an adventure in Italian style.

vino e oli bathroom
Vino e Oli Residenza bathroom

Even the light was stylish.

vino e oli living room
Vino e Oli living room

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Quattro Ristoranti

We ate in 4 memorable restaurants while staying at Vino e Oli. A short walk across the street got us to Trattoria Gallo Brillo and its hand printed chalkboard menu. Traditional Roman food, some of it “reimagined” into fine dishes you’ve never really tasted before but seem familiar to your taste buds. Traditional homemade gnocchi on Thursday, just so you know you’re in Rome. Viale delle Milizie, 116, 00192 Roma RM, Italy.

At the next intersection to the north, you’ll find Osteria dell’Angelo, a very traditional Roman restaurant with a fireplace and plenty of rugby paraphernalia to keep you busy looking around. There was a local lunch crowd. The menu clearly states that in time of war you’ll only get a half portion, so don’t blame the reviewer. Via Giovanni Bettolo, 24-32, 00195 Roma RM, Italy.

Then, just one more block to the north, you’ll encounter Birretta Wine and Food. It’s a hambergeria with a variety of craft beers available. The menu is enormous. We enjoyed our little break from traditional Roman cuisine. Via Simone de Saint Bon, 69-73, 00195 Roma RM, Italy.

Our favorite restaurant in the area was Il Colibrì, the Hummingbird. A lively Roman restaurant packed with art on the walls and little niches where a couple could sit and contemplate the long menu. Via Famagosta, 69, 00192 Roma RM, Italy near the Ottaviano metro stop.

Getting Around

Vino e Oli is close to the metro station Ottaviano. If you want to see a Rome attraction that’s a little far to walk to, using the Uber app to get a taxi is the way to go. To read of our experience, see Using the Uber App in Rome, 2023.

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