Christmas in Rural Tuscany 

Yesterday, December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception day, we went in search of Christmas fairs near us in the Lunigiana. We ended up going to Fivizzano, then taking the scenic back roads to Carrara, lured by the intriguing propaganda the tourist bureau put out. Yes, they told us we’d witness a more or less “Felliniesque” carnival of Christmas in Carrara.

fivizzano ice dragon pictureFivizzano was a pretty darn laid back affair. A palazzo on the main square had been set aside for artisan crafts; there were three floors of some pretty nice stuff. The hostel was also loaded with Christmasy things to buy.

They also had an ice sculpting contest. This evidently didn’t go over too well. There were two sculptures and I’d say only one of them had survived—unless the other one was meant to destroy itself when heat was applied. It was 68 degrees F when we left for Carrara.

We noticed a new sign at one of the bars which advised us to order an Italian flavored hot chocolate in an edible cup. What a concept. The “cup” was a sort of ice cream cone with a wide, flat bottom. The orange cinnamon hot chocolate, Italian pudding-thick, steamed inside it. By the time you were done scooping it out, the cup was a soggy mess. Re-engineering was definitely advisable.

Then we headed off to Carrara. The roads were empty. Carrara was pretty full. See the video below. Felliniesque? Hmmmm. You decide.

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