Ravioli to the Juice of Escapes

It was Notte Bianca in Aulla last night. Kids stuff early (they got TV coverage!), adult stuff until late in the night. For us, it was a stroll around the city looking for a restaurant that was far enough away from the zillion-decibel, ear splitting “music” they had thoughtfully provided on every street corner that one could at least think straight. We ate at it, then we went home. Sera Bianca for us fuddy-duddies.

I had stuffed a small camera in my pocket. The picture below seemed to delineate the contradictions inherent in modern Italy to me, so I am forcing it upon you:

ferrari aulla
A Ferrari in Aulla

(By the way, the title of this blog post comes straight off the restaurant menu. Perhaps the Ferrari is your juice of escapes from Aulla. With shrimps. Or something.)

ravioli to the juice of excapes
Ravioli to the Juice of Escapes

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