Bagnone: What Will Happen to You, Oh Bagnone of Italy!

Bagnone is a beautiful city in the Lunigiana. I’ve taken photos and written about it many times. It’s close to my Italian vacation home, so I go there quite often. It’s quite pleasant sitting in one of the bars and listening to the water of the Torrente Bagnone rushing over the rocks below the medieval city and castle.

But then the 147.8 million euro lotto ticket was sold in a bar in Bagnone. Now Bagnone is the hot place in travel. Everyone’s gotta go there.

I just don’t understand it. I mean why should a city get famous for a machine spitting out a piece of paper on a particular day?

I understand local folks celebrating though. Sure, someone among them is richer than anyone can imagine. They (we) all hope we know him or her. It’s not that we’ll have our palms out anytime soon, of course. It’s just that we’d all like to see how someone changes when they get unimaginably rich. Might they buy a few television stations and whisper horny nothings to large breasted women all day while hoping for a government office? Who knows!? That’s the fun of it.

But, you know, you tourists: just don’t wreck Bagnone, ok? Here it is, by the way:

bagnone italy picture

The main part of town is to the left, the brooding castle sits above.

And here’s a Map of the Lunigiana showing Bagnone. Just so you know where it is.

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