Mille Miglia 2018: Colorful Classics Come to the Lunigiana

Go back to the time when drivers were fat and the tires skinny

mille miglia
Mille Miglia 2018: Yellow Car

Tourists come to Italy for the old and the ancient. They’re thrilled by the remote hill towns with houses smooshed lovingly together. They especially like the castles, the symbols of power. We look at the remnants of the Romans and extrapolate from our time and react with awe that 2000 years ago apartment buildings weren’t all that different than they appear today.

Then there are the automobiles. The classics come from a period where cars were conceived in the minds of folks who simply imagined the air that flowed over them. Without modern science, without wind tunnels and computers, the cars could appeal to the romantic ideals of swoopy and sexy.

And they didn’t come in variations of black and white like today’s cars. There was Italian racing red and Modena yellow, British racing green, and all the colors of the rainbow.

mille miglia red car
Mille Miglia: Red Car

Today these classics roar on the tarmac that connects Italy’s cities and villages. They startle drivers and delight kids with cameras.

And they’re hard to capture. I spent 17 years photographing modern race cars on road courses on the west coast of the US. This was a much more difficult endeavor as the cars had to find away past the normal traffic as it reacted in unpredictable ways to their unexpected presence. Big vans matched speeds so that dad could get a good look down at the open car hugging the road, thus keeping the diminutive classic car hidden from the folks trying to get a mobile phone pic of it. Folks stopped in the middle of the road, startled into inaction. It was chaotic and colorful and frustrating at the same time.

But…take 145 pictures and a few will miraculously turn out. Here are the rest of the colors of the Mille Miglia 2018 for your pleasure and reminiscence.

mille miglia black car
Mille Miglia: Black Car
mille miglia multicolored cars
Mille Miglia: Multicolored Cars
mille miglia gold car
MIlle Miglia: Gold
mille miglia white car
Mille Miglia: White

Mille Miglia Travel Planning

The official site of the Mille Miglia is here. Look for it in mid-May.

If you wish to see the cars at a particular location, there’s a map that updates their positions in real time when they’re running: See the map

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