Lunigiana Traditional Music - Il Coro Lunigiana

When my neighbor Armando invited me to his chorus practice, I had no idea of what to expect. Armando makes fine salami from the pigs he raises here in the Lunigiana, but singing?

So, on a moonlit night we followed him in his moto as we navigated the dark and windy roads of the Apennines. We arrived at a former Capuchin monastery, part of which is now an agricultural school for high-school age kids (some of who stay there the whole week). We had walked to the monastery before. It was much longer in the car.

We entered a side door to what appeared to be the church. It was full of trophies and memorabelia from the many concerts given all over the world by Il Coro Lunigiana.

And the sound! Ha! What sound! Layers of it. You should hear some.

May I present Il Coro Lunigiana, The Video

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