Italy is chock full of interesting places you’ve probably never heard of. Power has waxed and waned. Harbors have silted up. Still, there is a history that can be traced, art that can be admired, and structures interestingly muddled with the renovations of passing cultures.

One of these places is Conversano. You’ll find it in Bari Province along the Via Traiana. Lots to see and do. Great food to eat. An Albergo Diffuso to stay in.

You’ve heard of Lipizzaner stallions, right? Well, one of the blood lines leads right to Conversano.

And all those people telling you to spend your entire vacation in Florence? They’ve never heard of it either.

Conversano is one of those hidden places, like Sassoferrato in the neighboring Marche. Places you should go if you’re interested in the rest of Italy.

It was so interesting, I never thought I’d finish writing about it. In fact, there’s more to add. But if you happen to be planning a vacation in Puglia, take a look at our Conversano Travel Guide

Just to get you excited, here’s a pic of the castle:

conversano castle
Conversano Castle - Castello di Conversano

…and it’s just off the road.

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