Puglia and Little Ears Pasta
Orecchiette, little ears pasta, is the iconic pasta of Italy's Puglia region

I’ve been toiling here in sweltering California for quite a while on our Puglia Maps and Travel Guide Page. You know how it goes. You write and write until you think you’re finished. Then you remember something really, really cool and you write some more. Each time you save, check, upload until your mouse is looking a bit frazzled and hot. It’s never done, really, you have to come to grips with that.

In the meantime, when you’re looking for pics and video, you see some little shred of video that you think, “why didn’t I do something with this?”

So that means more work. But, in this case it’s good seeing the orecchiette fly off the knife of Fausta Munno, who runs a B&B in the Gargano and is a fantastic cook.

It’s just a little ditty of a video. Don’t expect too much. It starts with a rather traditional dish of the Gargano, Orecchiette in tomato sauce with ricotta salata next to a fried meat roll, served as a “piatto unico” or single plate (meaning you don’t have to order any more dishes, you’ve eaten enough). Of course, we were guests at the Villa Americana Park Hotel in Rodi Garganico, so about 158 dishes came after this one…

In any case, the movie then cuts to the fascinating conclusion, showing Fausta cutting the pasta roll she’s made and then, in a slow and languid motion rolling the pasta off a common kitchen knife so that it has a lot of texture to catch and hold that sauce. Her mother had a special, “secret” knife to do this, but she’s using what looks like one made in China and sold at the 2 Euro store, which makes her a genius.

Anyway, here it is. Don’t let it make you hungry. I’m not responsible. I mean about your hunger.

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