Olive Harvest in Tuscany Video 

I’ve now been out to my neighbor’s uliveto twice. Darn if it ain’t in a pretty spot. I don’t think the picture below really does it justice being that it was taken on a dismally foggy autumn morning, but there it is:

collecchia view
View of Collecchia, Italy

The town is Collecchia, the high town. We are lower, in Piano di Colleccia. It’s a fair hike to get up there.

But on to the olive harvest. I made a video to give you the feeling of working in a olive grove, and compiled some statistics about olive oil in general. You can get even more information from our resources page: Italian Olive Oils

Anyway, here’s the video: Harvesting Olives in Tuscany

(And there’s more on our Italy Travel Video Page)

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