The Trevi Fountain Flows Red - For a While 

A man dumped some sort of paint in Rome’s Trevi Fountain on Friday, turning the pool a wonderful shade of red. It’s interesting, not only for the fact that the pool is flowing with blood red, but for the fact that you can see the whole Trevi Fountain without the usual throngs of tourists fighting for position at the water’s edge. Vogue has a picture.

“Leaflets found nearby said the red paint was a protest for expenses incurred in organizing the Rome Film Festival and symbolically referred to the event’s red carpet, ANSA reported.”

What nobody is talking about are the questions that immediately popped into my mind. The view of the Trevi is held hostage by hundreds of tourists day and night, and there’s always at least one camera for every tourist, so why isn’t there a picture of the guy?

And who would associate the red with a red carpet? It certainly wouldn’t be the first thing I thought of. It might stand for the growing pool of blood in certain “my morality is better than your morality” skirmishes, but a carpet? I guess that’s why the symbolism demanded leaflets.

Still, the world is going batty, doncha think?

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