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Is February a Good Time to Go to Turin, Italy?

Would you go to Torino in February? Yeah, a chill can set in, and it rains occasionally, but there are bright but slightly hazy days that lend a bit of artistic mystery to your photos. If there’s another Winter Olympics there, don’t be surprised at seeing it like this.

These are walk-around street shots. Jugglers fling their bowling pins in front of the Egyptian Museum, well-dressed people tunnel through the arcaded streets. Statues beguile the watchers. The hazy sun does its thing.

For more dramatic pictures of a city ringed by the Alps, in February like capped with snow, you should take the panoramic lift to the top of the Mole Antonelliana, the National Cinema Museum.

farmacia chimica
The Farmacia Chimica, Torino, Italy
jugglers turin italy
Jugglers in front of the Egyptian Museum of Turin
walking in torino
Walking under arcades, Torino, Italy
Egyptian museum, torino italy
Turin Italy Egyptian Museum
statue turin
Statue, Torino Italy
street market turin
Street Market, Torino, Italy

In the front of this market exposition you’ll see Lampascioni, preserved Tassel Hyacinth bulbs, a symbol of early spring in Puglia.

torino street market
Street Market, Torino, Italy
entrance to courtyard torino
Entrance to Interior courtyard, Torino, Italy

The Weather and Historic Climate of Torino

So what’s it like now in Torino? What will the weather likely to be when you’re planning your vacation in Italy?

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