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Historic Climate Charts for Planning a Vacation in Turin

Torino, or Turin, is the Capital of the Piemonte region and an increasingly interesting city to tourists visiting northern Italy. The residences of the House of Savoy in the historic center of Turin were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Torino is surrounded by the Alps to the north and east. Winters tend to be cold and relatively dry, as you can see from the charts below.

Torino Historic Climate Data

Turin Temperatures by Month

turin historic temperatures by month

Turin Precipitation by Month

turin historic temperatures by month

Torino: Best Time to Visit

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April is usually wet, and they tell me that brings on the May flowers, but in Torino May is the wettest month. June might be ideal, especially if you are into finely designed automobiles, as it is the month of the Salone dell'Auto Torino, Turin's huge open air car show in the Parco Valentino.

Summers tend to be a bit hot, despite the relatively moderate high temperatures you see on the chart, so July and August might not be as ideal as you thought.

Fall is fine, but what most folks talk about is November and December. Of course, Turin is surrounded by winter sports venues, but there is also the way this northern city puts on a show for the Christmas season.

Here is one such report by an expat:

There is a massive Christmas tree in the center of Piazza Castello that is beyond impressive. Italians know how to make things beautiful, and their Christmas lights are just spectacular. There are dozens of local Christmas markets that only open for this season of the year, and thousands of locals sell absolutely divine foods and beautiful artwork for extremely low prices. It is a wintertime city that comes to life in cold weather; the silhouette of the Alps can be seen on the horizon, and there are ski resorts within a short train ride.

Turin Travel Information

If you are planning to come to Turin by train, the city anchors a nice itinerary along a single train line, Torino to Trieste.

Turin is an hour train ride from Milan. A car will take longer. To go all the way to the edge of nothern Italy, Trieste will take you 4 hours and 43 minutes.

Where to Stay

The legendary Lingotto Fiat factory with the race track on top is now a luxury hotel we've enjoyed staying at. NH Torino Lingotto Congress is a favorite of the car clubs.

The highly-rated Hotel Torino Porta Susa is less expensive, especially in the off season.

Turin Travel Information

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