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The Royal Hunting Lodge and Grounds Make a Great Day Trip From Torino

The UNESCO World Heritage Site called Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi is located a few kilometers south of Turin. It was designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra for Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia.

The word “stupendous” does not derive from Stupinigi, yet…I liked visiting Piemonte’s premier Baroque hunting lodge quite a bit. The borgo and the grounds surrounding Stupinigi (Parco Naturale di Stupinigi) offer more down to earth eye candy.

I also like the label, “palazzina” or “small” palace—or “lodge”. The joint is not what we think of as an exquisitely small country house or intimate lodge. You can walk quite a long time on the gray carpets and still not see everything. There are 137 rooms and 17 galleries and the building covers 31,050 square meters.

The bronze stag on top tells you it’s a hunting lodge.

Stupinigi Palazzina de Caccia

Built in the early 18th century, the little hunting lodge is located in Stupinigi, a suburb of the town of Nichelino, 10 km (6 mi) southwest of Turin. We stayed in Nichelino and drove to Stupinigi easily. You could also “do” Supinigi via car from Torino.

The centerpiece of the structure is the central salon with its massive chandelier. Four wings project from this main hall.

stupinigi grand salon
Stupinigi: The Grand Salon

As you file along on the tourist-herding carpet, you’ll come across many different rooms with totally different themes, fantastic furniture as “art” and even a room with a television showing clips of all the films made inside the place. You’ll recognize the same carpets in each of the movie clips.

Fancy a little Chinese?

Inside Stupinigi: Chinese Room

Or a game of chess in the game room?

stupinigi game room
Stupinigi: The Game Room

Project: Stupinigi Farina

The goal of the project Stupinigi Flour is is to produce quality sourdough bread with dough using special wheat flour grown in Stupinigi fields.

The bread will be like the artisan bread of old, before people had a problem digesting it, with a long rise allowing a fermented and not simply “inflated” product.

If You Visit: Tourist Essentials

You can download a printable PDF map of the the National Park that encompasses Stupinigi here.


There are several places to eat near the palazzina. In the borgo to the northeast, the highly touted Ristorante Sabaudia can handle your fine dining needs, while the Caffè Villa Reale Stupinigi across the street is great for a drink, sandwich or light meal. They also have special meals some evenings for a fixed price.

There are other opportunities to eat in the nearest town, Nichelino.


We stayed at the convenient and inexpensive Hotel Parisi in Nichelino, which has plenty of parking.

Located right in the National Park of Stupinigi is what some hotel reviewers call “the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in”, the highly rated La Dimora Di Artemide Bed and Breakfast.

Hotel Map

Zoom out to see more hotels.

Enjoy planning a visit to Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, a very enjoyable day can be made of an excursion there.

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