Staggia Senese Castle

Some falconry to go with your Tuscan castle experience?

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Castello di Staggia Senese

Staggia Senese castle is located near Poggibonsi. You’ve probably not been to either. If you need to fix your doorbell, Poggibonsi is the Tuscan town you should seek. If you need a castle fix with great tours and guides as well as the occasional falconry demonstration, then by all means point your car toward Staggia Senese castle.

The castle is on the Via Francigena pilgrimage route between Poggibonsi and Monteriggione, the walled city which gets more press, being along the autostrada and all. To the west is Colle di Val d’Elsa, a town known for the manufacture of leaded crystal.

The castle is found on the northeast corner of the town of Staggia Senese, nestled into the vegetation that borders the Staggia river. You can see it in the map below.

Why Go to Staggia Senese Castle?

It’s a pretty castle, but pretty castles are a lira a dozen in Italy. As in ancient times, what matters is how the castle is administrated. You can stare at ruins all day, trying to make sense of them out of the historic context that drove their construction. But this castle is involved in actively engaging the visitor. The tour is great. You’ll find out the castle’s secrets. You’ll even learn how the pilgrims got their water and meager rations without being allowed access into the inner sanctum. Then as now, minimalism in morality is in.

falconry picture
Falconry at Staggia Senese

Then there’s the falconry. Your kids will love the big birds.

Falconry takes years of training. It’s not like you take a falcon out of your purse or “man bag” and plug somebody and your problems are over. There’s an art to it.

And then you get to glove up and feel the weight of the owl. Whoa, baby! Look at those eyes!

owl picture
Here's Lookin' at You, Kid: Owl at Staggia Senese Castle

You’ll want to visit the official website to see all the events the castle people have planned for your enjoyment (in Italian). The castle is open every day, with shorter hours during the winter months and only in the afternoons on Monday and Friday. [See current opening hours and Christmas schedule ]

With towns like San Gimignano nearby, this is an area where one could spend a week or three and not get bored at tall. Staggia has a number of highly-rated places to stay.

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