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What's becoming one of my favorite regions of Italy to visit now has a Map: Emilia Romagna. Find out all about the big and small attractions in the Po River Valley and the Appennino reggiano, part of the Apennine Mountains that forms Italy's backbone.

Who wouldn't want to be in Sorrento this summer?

Relax with a glass of Frascati, see the Pope's palace, eat the best strawberies in Nemi: all things you can do in the Castelli Romani.

The underrated Lazio region will entrance you, if you let it.

You know the big destination is Tuscany. You might be surprised at some new things to see in our new Florence Guide.

Liberated from her stint at content farm About.com, "Italy Martha" has a new home at Martha's Italy.

Check out our Wandering Italy Flipboard Page.

What's the prettiest, shiniest, small town in Italy, all prickly with towers? Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche fits the bill.

Destination: Puglia

drying tomatoes
Read About This Special Place to Stay:
Posta Santa Croce (near Bisceglia)
Discover the Region with a Map & Guide:

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