Maps of Italy
Travel Planning the Visual Way: Rail, City, and Region Maps

I'm a great fan of maps. Maps are a way to see how geography is structured, how cities are put together and how people move between them.

With a map I can show you places you couldn't search the internet for, because they are unknown to you, so you'd never think to search for them..

We'll start with public transportation maps and then list our Italian places maps.

Big or Far

We'll start with the basics: how big is Italy, and how far apart are the attractions? Our first map shows you how big Italy is compared to the U.S. The second is interactive; it allows you to find the direct destance between any two points on a map of Italy.

How Big is Italy? Interactive Distance Map

Transportation Maps

See the major train lines in Italy and learn how to use the rail system in Italy with our Italy Train Map. Zoom in to a popular route: Torino to Trieste, which takes you on an itinerary of many of Italy's great cities.

Italy Train Map Torino to Trieste Rail Line Map

Transportation by car on the toll roads

Italian Autostrada Map.

By Plane

Airports Map.

Know how to get around Rome by metro, bus or train?

Rome Transportation Map.

Maps of Italian Places


Italy's largest region is the most popular. There's a lot of diversity in Tuscany, from the seaside resorts, luxurious spas, rustic mountain villages, and cities full of Renaissance art. Discover it with our Tuscany Guide. Inside Tuscany is the Val d'Orcia, a very compelling place to spend a week of your Italian vacation.

Also within Tuscany, a is the traditional territory called La Lunigiana. It's rural and seldom visited, but has over 160 castles and castle ruins and food you won't find elsewhere. People make their own food, butcher pigs in winter, and enjoy kilometer zero meals all the time. It's the antidote to modern living with industrial food.

Also lesser known is Pitigliano and its Vie Cave, "roads" carved out of rock, a fascinating city and surroundings. The town is shown in the picture below.

pitigliano picture


Always slated to be "the next Tuscany", Puglia has its own, different charms. It's all about the southern Baroque, beaches all around, Italy's best vegetables and citrus fruits, Byzantine monasteries and way more. Besides, it's flat. You can walk everywhere. Oh, and the food? Fabulous! See our "Puglia Maps and Travel Guide."

The Gargano Peninsula is a unique land mass, once an island way back when the sea was higher. If you're looking for something to do in Puglia, our Gargano Itinerary features a map and suggested attractions and places to stay.

Marche: The Region and The Metauro Valley

Take a ride from the Tuscany border to the Adriatic sea with our northern Le Marche itinerary through the beautiful Metauro Valley. For an overview of the Marche region, see our Marche Map and Guide.

The Metauro Valley Itinerary Marche Map and Guide

Cinque Terre Hiking Trails Map

Perhaps the most front of Italy's "back doors," the Cinque Terre can be frightfully overtouristed in the summer, but it's still a prime destination for wanderers. We've made a printable map of not only the main trails, but of some of the more difficult trails near the ridgetop, with spectacular views.

Cinque Terre Hiking Trails Map

Via Francigena Map

The Via Francigena is part of a medieval pilgrimage route that went between Canterbury and Rome, first recorded by Bishop Sigeric on his first trip to Rome in the year 990.

The cities along the route are some of the best cities to visit in Italy. Each usually got its wealth from the pilgrims and the commerce that came with them. You could do worse than to walk the Via Francigena, but you can also visit the cities along the way by car, of course.

Via Francigena Map

Rome City and Neighborhood Maps

Need to see the neighborhoods of Rome in order to find a place to explore or a place to stay? Our interactive Rome Map and Neighborhood Guide will show you what's where. We've created a Rome Transportation Map that shows all the forms of public transportation routes. Individual maps provide detailed information on the best neighborhoods for the traveler, like the ever popular Trastevere.

Rome Map and Neighborhood Guide Rome Transportation Map

Rome Neighborhood Guides: Map, Lodging, Eating and Attraction Recommendations

Trastevere Monteverde Flaminio Prati and North of the Vatican Aventine Hill

Rome Airport (Fiumicino Airport - FCO) Map

Flying into Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport? We have a map, transportation information and recommended places to stay near the airport.

Fiumicino Airport Map.

Via Appia Traiana

Following this interesting alternative to the Via Appia along the coast in Puglia in your rental or lease car offers a fantastic number of interesting sites to visit. Our map will show you how to have a great time in the region that's perpetually poised to be the "next Tuscany".

Via Traiana Map | Puglia.

Valcamonica Map

Northern Italy's Valcamonica has one of the world's richest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs (rock engravings)--over 140,000 artworks covering 8000 years have been discovered. Although few people visit, the Valcamonica can be one of the most interesting destinations of your vacation.

Valcamonica Map and Visitor Information

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Paper Maps of Italy

A very good source of maps of Italy is Longitude Maps. They carry over 200 Italy City Maps alone, some for cities as small as Forli.