Video: Romantic Verona
Verona is so much more than Romeo and Juliet!

Verona has one of the nicest historic centers of any city in Italy. We took out the video camera one random day and just started shooting whatever appeared before us in the landscape, tacking it together a few days later. The result was a pretty interesting and romantic video, if I do say so myself!

Of course you can always plan a trip to see Verona for yourself--and perhaps see an opera in the Roman era Verona Arena.

Verona has one of the most evocative historic centers in all of Italy. Just stroll around to see it, the river surrounds it so you can't really go "out of bounds" unless you fancy a swim.

The Verona Video

Verona, from the famous piazze like Piazza delle Erbe filmed from the top of the Lamberti Tower to the courtyard of Juliet's house, from the Roman arena to the excitement, day and night, around Piazza Bra. This is Verona as we saw it in October.

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The Verona Card - After trying it on a recent trip and saving money, we've decided to recommend buying a Verona card if you want to see more than one or two of the main Verona attractions.

Verona on the Train

Verona is on the interesting Torino to Trieste train line.

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Verona Arena Tickets & Schedule (Get them well in advance of your trip if you can)

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Nearby in the Veneto region is the interesting wine town, Soave. And of course, there's always Venice!

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