Turin to Trieste Rail Map

The Best Northern Italy Itinerary Is a Route Along a Rail Line

The map shows the major stops along the Torino to Trieste rail line. City names are given in their Italian versions, since those are the signs you'll see at the train stations and on the arrival and departure boards. Cities in bold are more likely to capture a tourist's attention and are more likely to be hubs from which you can visit other cities not shown on this map.

The train line is paralleled by the A4 autostrada, so the itinerary can be done with a car as well. The A4 in Italy is a section of the European E70 motorway that runs from A Coruña in Spain in the west to the Georgian city of Poti in the east. Now there's an Itinerary!

turin to trieste rail map

Torino to Trieste Rail Information

The entire Torino to Trieste route takes 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours on the faster trains. In most cases a train change in either Milano or Venice (Venezia Mestre) is required.

The distances between major tourist stops are quite short. Milano to Brescia is covered in less than an hour on faster trains, and just over an hour on most slower and less expensive regional trains. Milan to Verona takes an hour and 22 minutes on the fast ES City trains and an hour and 46 minutes on a regional train. In these cases I'd take a regional train, which is likely cheaper.

If you're starting your vacation from one of Milano's airports, this is a recommended line from which to plan a rail itinerary of some of Italy's best tourist stops.


The 2006 winter Olympics put Torino or Turin once again on the tourist map. See the vaunted Egyptian museum and the very interesting National Cinema Museum. Take the elevator to the top of the Cinema museum's dome to get a view of Turin and the Alps. Spend an afternoon wandering around Turin's gloriously fake Borgo Mediovale or Medieval Village. Don't forget to make time for those historic coffee houses Turin is noted for.

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Milano or Milan is a place tourists often overlook. It's got a nice castello (castle), a famous cathedral you must see (and you must go up on the roof!) Leonardo's famous Last Supper, and if you're into shopping, well, this is the place.

From here, it's a short commute to Pavia.

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Verona still stages opera and other performances in its 2000 year old Roman arena. You must go and rub Juliet's right breast over at the Casa di Giulietta.

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Vicenza is known for the work of Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, who designed 23 of the buildings in town. The compact historic center is a delight to wander in, and there are plenty of places to get a view over its famous rooftops. It can be done on a day trip from Verona or Padua, but bids you to stay a while with its architectural wonders and great food.

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Padova (Padua)

There is lots to see and do in Padua, a city in the Veneto region often overlooked by tourists. Don't miss Giotto's fresco cycle inside the Scrovegni Chapel, consecrated in 1305--or the new museum of Medicine and health, MUSME. Modern medicine starts in Padua.

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Venezia (Venice)

Everybody's favorite canaled city, Venice is worth a week or more to wander around in, but you'll probably only stay three days or so.

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Trieste in the Friuli Venezia region and is the gateway to Slovenia and eastern Europe. There's a Roman theater and other ancient monuments to visit. The Risiera di San Sabba Museum is testimonial to the only Nazi camp in Italy.

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