Nicosia Monastery, Calci
Explore the ruins of Il Monastero di Sant'Agostino di Nicosia

Nicosia Monastery Ruins

I love ruins. Real ones. There's this move afoot to restore old places. That's not a bad thing. But will we ever see ruins again? Ruins are romantic. I've decided to give you a little picture gallery of Il Monastero di Sant'Agostino di Nicosia near the town of Calci, because it is in ruins. Construction started on the monastery in 1263.

As you can see on the map if you use the map controls to zoom out a bit, the monastery is a bit south of the interesting Certosa pisana di Calci which you can visit and has been turned into a museum. The monastery, however, remains closed to general tourism, but is open for some special events, like Festa Camelie, when the camellias found in the courtyard bloom.

To find out when Nicosia Monastery is open, consult the web page: Nicosia Nostra. This is the volunteer group trying to preserve the monastery and clean it of graffiti.

The thin line leading south from the monastery on the map is a newly opened trail that evidently leads east to the castle ruins of La Fortezza della Verruca. You'll see the trail blaze near the monastery, as in the second picture below.

Nicosia Monastery Pictures

monastery picture

More Nicosia Monastery Resources

Isabel's Travel Guide has more pictures and information on the Nicosia Monastery: Nicosia Nostra.

Nicosia Nostra, the site itself, is a volunteer effort to preserve the monastery. The site is in Italian, but it's easy to see what's going on.

For more on the town of Calci, see our blog post: Calci - Hidden Tuscany. You'll learn some interesting secrets about the churches in Calci.

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