Modigliana and La Tribuna
Can Your Entrance to a City be Awe Inspiring?

modigliana tribune pictureIs this a beautiful way to enter a city or what?

You’re looking at La Tribuna, the 16th century Gate to Modigliana’s Medieval fortress.

Taking up the central shrine is a statue of the Madonna del Cantone, the protector of Modigliana. Sculptor Giuseppe Bologna Molli built it in 1678.

There are two bell towers—one was added in the 1700s to make the thing look symmetrical.

Now the old town is safely hidden behind this formidable piece of architecture. Ain’t it a beaut? Perhaps the most beautiful gate in Italy? Let’s pull back a little to show you the profile.

La Tribuna

la tribuna
La Tribuna: Modigliana

In any case, another interesting part of Modigliana’s long history comes into the frame on the upper right, a crumbling tower of the Rocca, or castle, or “la Roccaccia” built in the 12th and 13th centuries and now in romantic decay so dangerous they won’t let you go near it.

Here is as close as you can get to it. Fancy a picnic under that tower?

la rocca of modigliana
La Rocca or “la Roccaccia”

Modigliana is part of the Province of Forlì-Cesena in what is now called Emilia Romagna (it’s only been part of Emilia Romagna since 1923, the town having previously been dominated by Tuscan Florence). The drive or train ride from Florence is beautiful, and in this, a very rainy year, the pass was covered in a thick blanket of wildflowers.

Pretty fascinating stuff from a place you’ve probably never heard of, eh? And it’s in an area of very interesting towns and people trying desperately to get you to visit them. And that is a very good thing for you, dear wandering tourist.

More on this later. For now enjoy and discuss on our Wandering Italy Facebook Page.

(Our visit to Modigliana came courtesy of Italian @ Heart, cultural tours of La Romagna.)

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