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comano view picture with snowWe were walking down to Sericciolo a few days ago to look at the progress of the bridge that’s been out for many, many months and ran into Enrico, the guy whose garden we graze on.

“The most rain in 200 years,” he said, glancing up at the sky.

And then there was the water rushing past the bridge. Usually it’s barely a trickle this time of year. Now it’s got some serious whitewater to it at times.

Lots of water has consequences. Good and bad consequences I suppose. It makes your pictures look bad. Well, not really bad, but it looks like you put your picture in Photoshop and cranked up the green like an addict cranks up the crank.

But really, the view below is the view you get when you take the narrow little road from Fivizzano to Comano. You’re almost to Comano, the Castle tower at Castello is about to come into view. There’s a space to pull off, pretty much the first one you’d dare use. Then this:

comano italy tuscany green picture

See what I mean? Oh, yeah the lens had a smudge the size of Kansas on it, but what you see is pretty much the new growth green, scoured by constant rain until it’s polished like the silvery ball embedded in a pretty girl’s tongue.

We’re looking at the edge of the Tosco Emiliano National Park. It’s pretty country all around.

And if you noticed the picture way at the top, you’ll notice snow. It’s late May. What’s that doing there?

Odd year, innit?

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